Keebank enables Codamation’s clients to launch and operate a complete suite of digital financial services, both for banked and unbanked users, without actually requiring a banking license.

Integrates a mobile apps front-office for user interaction and a backend platform managing users, accounts and transactions, as well as generating and running transactional businesses, products, and services.

Success Story. Texto: Design, development and operation of Latin America's most widely used prepaid digital payments service


Migrate to digital banking experiences and multichannel solutions without radical redesigns and dramatic changes in legacy systems.

Use Keebank as a standalone, core banking, platform or as an agile and flexible middleware integrated to a legacy system, enabling our clients to simplify the acquisition of new types of users and the development of new businesses, products and services.

  • Keebank’s backend is made up of three modules: Core, Plugins and Business Units

    Core is a platform of multi-account, multi-currency, multi-product, geo-referenced and intelligent virtual accounts, permitting:

    • users to have a unique ID to access their different accounts.
    • users to store, use and exchange several currencies and other liquid non-cash assets (e.g. loyalty points, coupons, etc.)
    • users to use their accounts seamlessly, through multiple businesses and products, while keeping a consolidated balance
    • the storage of a geolocated reference of each interaction users have with the service
    • the tagging of every user activity, establishing profiles and behavior patterns that enable relevant and contextual product and service offerings

    Plugins is the layer of functional microservices, business rules and operations implementing the different businesses built upon Keebank.

    Business Units manages businesses layers and their corresponding microservices and third-party integrations (e.g. credit, debit and prepaid cards, POS terminals in merchant and correspondent networks, etc.)

Delight your users and dramatically reduce time-to-market periods, accessing the most complete set of ready-to-use financial services

Create virtual accounts accessible via mobile apps, issue credit, debit and prepaid cards linked to them, provide cash deposits and withdrawals in non-banking correspondent networks and ATMs, offer consumer loans, enable mobile wallet or card in-store and online purchases, integrate to utility bill payment and mobile top-up gateways, and interact with third-party APIs for developing additional financial services.